New game!

| May 11, 2011
A new game was released as we already told you yesterday! Whack the alien now!

My record is 50% :P


planin said... [REPLY]

my record is 90%

4cody said... [REPLY]

There is also a new game Ninjago Spinjitzu Smash DX.
And Sim is it worth buy a month subscription to LU with this update (as in is there a lot of new rare things or just donating bricks) or is better to wait for next month.

Sim533 said... [REPLY]

You can only achieve the mission for the brick donation now, so I guess it it's worth it :P.

Also the dragonmaw chasm racetrack is pretty cool!

tradeylouish said... [REPLY]


tradeylouish said... [REPLY]

Huh? It just said I got 98% (39/40) in the corner, but then it said 95% on the finishing screen... And I'm also pretty sure I missed alot more than 1-3! I think that if you hit the same alien multiple times, it may still give you points... or maybe I hit some and they didn't turn red.

tradeylouish said... [REPLY]

There's now an MBA forum on the LMBs! Check it out!

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