What happened the last days?

| May 14, 2011
During the last days, blogger was down. At least the part where we write our posts. So, we were unable to let you know what happened. We are sorry that this happened.

First of all, LEGO Universe has a new news article.

Hello Minifigures,

You may call me Nexus Naomi. I am the Nexus Tower Artificial Intelligence created by Dr. Overbuild. My purpose is to serve as a guide to all Minifigures who have come to Nexus Tower.

Each of the Faction Headquarters is located inside Nexus Tower. There, you will be able to meet the Faction Leaders for the very first time. Duke Exeter, Hael Storm, Vanda Darkflame and Dr. Overbuild cannot wait to meet all of their loyal Faction members. Each has many Missions for you to complete, including some unique, top-secret Faction-only Missions for the most loyal members of the Nexus Force!

Nexus Tower is also a important destination for all of your shopping needs. More than a dozen new vendors are waiting to sell you exciting new gear and consumables! You will also find additional Faction vendors in the Tower – they sell the Rank 3 kits which were previously sold in Nimbus Station, but they will also have new items like Valiant Weapons! Valiant Weapons are the most powerful weapons created so far, but you’ll need both hands – and a lot of Tokens – to wield them! In addition, a completely new Vendor, Admiral Honor Accolade, is setting up his shop in the Sentinel area. He specializes in Mission and Achievement reward items that you have previously earned.

Are you concerned with where you will put all of these new items? I have just been authorized to disclose the new Vault system that is being finalized! Each Minifigure will be able to open a Vault account where you can safely store your extra items, and you will be able to pull them out whenever you wish. The Faction Leaders may also help you to construct a Property Safe, which will allow you to securely access your Vault from any of your claimed Properties.

The last piece of information which I have received clearance to disclose is that Dr. Overbuild has even more plans to expand Nexus Tower. Once the Tower is completed, you will be able to use it as a launching point to Nimbus Station, Crux Prime, Starbase 3001 and LEGO Club, but new destinations will be added soon!

As Adventurers and Explorers, you understand that the Universe is vast and there are always uncharted territories. Nexus Tower is being built to become the launching point for all future exploration and expansions. Be prepared for the adventure of your life.

Nexus Naomi

Discuss this article on the message boards!

Second of all. 
There is a new forum on the LMB's for the MBA storyline.  Check it out at http://messageboards.lego.com/en-US/showforum.aspx?ForumID=1581

Third of all. Wow, another LU article.

Duke Exeter thought it would be a good idea for me to chronicle the completion of Nexus Tower. So for future builders, here we go!

First, you may wonder, why build a massive tower on Crux Prime- a planet which is swarming with the Maelstrom? Well, the Imagination Nexus of course! It's the original, pure source of Imagination in the Universe and it must be protected!

Construction on Nexus Tower was going well, but we started to run short of bricks. Hael Storm proposed a vast collection of bricks from Minifigures across the Universe, and Duke Exeter has agreed to lead the effort! We've put out a call to all Minifigures to donate bricks and help finish Nexus Tower There is even a competition to see who can donate the most bricks!

I'm a little worried about the Bank we were building in Nexus Tower. I am just not sure it is safe enough! What if Nexus Tower were under attack? We must protect everyone’s gear and deposits!!. Duke Exeter had the great idea to make the Bank into a Vault instead. What is the difference between a Bank and a Vault? Why, rocket engines, of course!

Bricks have been arriving daily on the cargo ships out of Nimbus Station, and now progress on the Tower is moving at an accelerated rate! After a week of donations, redontop, Ninewells and huss1 have donated over 2,234,000 bricks combined!

Check back next week for another update!


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