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Created in December of 2008, the MLN Help Blog was designed to keep readers up to date on news from the free, LEGO online game, My LEGO Network. After about half a year, however, it expanded to cover all of This includes My LEGO Network, LEGO Universe, Bionicle, and many other things from, especially their games section. The success of this blog has been in large part due to high diligence, and the devotion of our followers, who take advantage of our "news bounty", which can go as high as 200 clicks for vital news.

We have 10 bloggers on this blog. Each provides their own unique talents to give the blog an ideal balance and diversity capable of assuring a consistent success.

Vanderdecken12 (creator and owner)
    Vanderdecken12 is the creator of this blog and the owner. Originally responsible for getting it off the ground, he is now in charge of moderating comments for relevance, decency, and secrecy, as well as making executive decisions, and posting when possible.

Sim533 (Admin)
    A true genius at HTML, Sim533 is responsible for almost all of the formatting of the blog, adding the creative touches with imaginative source code. Sim533 also makes the majority of the posts on the blog, and has been referred to as the 'night-guard'. He can post news and moderate comments when Vanderdecken12, and the rest of the USA, sleeps.

Authors - 
Ekingsley - Made an author at the same time as Sim533, Ekingsley is the team leader of the A-team, which is currently creating Moonbase for LU.
Bugefun - A frequent commenter on the LEGO Message Boards, Bugefun can seem to be everywhere at once, and therefore is a valuable member of this blog.
Gatanui - A blogger with plenty of past experience from the BZPower Bionicle Blog, he provides the authorship with a broad depth of knowledge.
Berrykit - Though he's never left a post of his own, Berrykit is a cool guy and someone who can be trusted to have good intentions.
Cheshirecat150 - An admin of our MLN Market site, CheshireCat150 provides users with a place to bargain for valuable items, and produces some posts at the MLN Blog.
EragonSaphira - A unique author because of her geographical location.
Legodac - A fellow blogger who loves LEGO already since he was young.
Superben21 - A trustworthy user who will often notice otherwise-unnoticed stuff.
Spider880 - Someone we made an author because we wanted to be more spidery and also because he's good at posting stuff.
Wooton - Our newest author. Wooton is trustworthy and very fast in reporting news!

Created in December of 2008, the MLN Blog was originally designed just to blog on My LEGO Network. A few months after it began, Sim533 and Ekingsley were added as authors to provide for a backup when Vanderdecken12 was unavailable. Realizing their value, both were soon made permanent authors. Sim533's first post was on February 26th. In March, we began to expand to include things from LEGO Universe as well. Over time, more authors were added and Sim533 was promoted to Admin to fully maximize his contributions. Now, we have ten authors, and are known for reliability and consistency to make sure you're updated about News on any subject.

Our Philosophy
Our philosophy has always been simple. Provide a safe site that can be trusted for its content, and rely on a combination of high-quality stewardship and the devotion of LEGO's fans. The vast majority of our news is provided by our trusted followers, who are always rewarded for their contributions.

All comments from non-authors go through moderation before they are approved. This ensures 1) that nothing inappropriate ever gets through, and 2) nothing that LEGO wants to keep a secret is exposed. Our strict policy of not revealing anything publicly that LEGO has not already done themselves has provided us with a disadvantage and often some angry comments, but we put LEGO's wishes first, knowing that our followers will respect us for it.

Looking To The Future
Nothing is set in stone. However, as LEGO expands, many things can be considered. Also, included, however, are other LEGO games in the works as of now. And of course, the thing that started this entire site off, My LEGO Network, shall of course remain a major part of this site, with rumors of additional ranks in the near future, this site is the place to go make sure you know the moment it is released. Why? Well, as many agree, we are...

Fast and First in LEGO News.


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