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| May 10, 2011
Pharaoh's Quest. 

Unlock the 5 comics by decoding the symbols into words. When you have unlocked the 5 comics, you can view the PDF file with the 5 comics after eachother.

Check it out at


Welcome to another installment of the How to Build series! In this lesson, we will look at the Assembly Faction’s Personal Fortress, designed by LEGO Universe Builder, Hans Burkhard Schlömer!

Now you don’t have to be a Rank 3 Engineer to have your very own Personal Fortress! You can build your very own -regardless of your Faction or rank. You can build this amazing turret either on your Property or in your own home and even use LEGO Digital Designer if you prefer.

This version looks just like the ones summoned by Engineers, however it has a few extra pieces for stability to help protect against Maelstrom attack!

Click here to download an instructional PDF. If you prefer to use LDD, you can find the LXF file here. Kids, be sure to ask your parents for permission first!

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LEGO Alien Conquest

Tomorrow, a new game is going to be unlocked. Check it out tomorrow!

There seems to be a new version for LDD called 4.1.7. It includes some new bricks and also many many fixes.  Update time!!!


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