Dragonmaw Chasm

| Apr 4, 2011
Dragonmaw Chasm Racetrack is the newest destination for high-speed racing action in LEGO Universe – and by far the most challenging! Only those who have truly mastered the Vertigo Loop & Keelhaul Canyon Racetracks stand a chance at this exciting thrill ride!

Take a bouncer from Mantis Rock in Forbidden Valley to reach the new Forbidden Valley Race Place. There, you’ll meet Racing Ninja Zip Lash, who has a series of challenging missions for you to complete – but only if you’ve finished most of Velocity Lane’s racing missions first!

The race track starts off on a rickety wooden track atop the windy peaks of Forbidden Valley –then plummets all the way down to the canyon floor! Are those… glowing eggs? Why yes. Dragon Eggs, to be precise. The Dragonmaw Chasm Racetrack takes you through a Dragon Egg nursery, guarded by a protective mother Maelstrom Dragon. Survive the mother Maelstrom Dragon’s wrath and falling stone pillars to an underground view of the Paradox Maelstrom Refinery! Be on the lookout for giant jets of Maelstrom gas – it’s well known that Maelstrom gas chews through the paintjob on a shiny race car!

Make your way through the darkness and race into the light! The end of racetrack circles you back to The Great Tree –but letting your guard down now would be disastrous. You’ll have to make some tight turns quickly to keep your car on the narrow track with top speed! After the twists and turns, we see a glimpse ahead. The finish line!

Wasn’t that exhilarating? Do you still think you can handle Dragonmaw Chasm? This exciting new race experience is coming soon to Forbidden Valley. In the meantime, you will really want to hone your racing skills on the Vertigo Loop & Keelhaul Canyon Racetracks!

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