Build your hero now! herorecon is online! + LDD update!

| Apr 4, 2011
UPDATE: The HF comic creator is available using this link: The pictures are added for 50%. If you have codes to add elements, be sure to post them! 

UPDATE: All the pictures are added. Enjoy it! 

LEGO Design byME proudly presents the website of Hero Recon Team. Here you can customize your own Hero Factory models to join the Hero Recon Team. Once your Hero is created, you can:
Create your own hero!

- Fight villains and solve missions in the online game
- Store your custom Hero in an online gallery with other brave Hero Recon members
- Order your Hero and have it sent to your door

Follow the Hero Recon Team storyline exclusively on this website.

Shortly after the creation of Hero Factory Mr. Makuro realized that the organization needed to understand the evils that exist in the galaxy, so he formed the secret Hero Recon Team.

Merrick Fortis was handpicked by Mr. Makuro to help form and lead this new intelligence division. Fortis set up headquarters in a secret location in Makuhero City, and set about recruiting the best and brightest heroes.

Our mission
Hero Recon Team members are experts at collecting and studying information from around the galaxy. They are never far behind, searching for clues through battlegrounds and the wreckage left by villains and monsters. They then report their findings to Hero Factory designers, mission managers and Hero team leaders, who use the information to improve all aspects of Hero Factory.

Hero Recon Team members are often recognized by their unique black and silver chest plate but all Heroes from the Recon unit can wear multiple types of armor and are trained to use different types of weapons and parts - even those used by Villains, like the Lava Blaster and transparent cladding.

Hero Recon Team motto: “Knowledge Is Strength"

Join the Hero Recon Team
Hero Recon Team operates secretly and often behind enemy lines, where they gather crucial intelligence about Monsters and Villains all around the galaxy.

To become a member of Hero Recon Team you have to create your own Hero in the Hero Creator.

Upgrade to Agent?
Your custom Hero is promoted to the rank of Agent once you decide to order your Hero and have it sent to your home. At the same time you will be able to add personal stats, skills and a mission to your Hero Recon Agent.

Along with your Agent you will get a special unlock code for the online game.

The LDD update is also out. Download it here. 
Or open LDD and it will patch.


Anonymous said... [REPLY]

when did it go live?

Sim533 said... [REPLY]

Today, 12 hours ago. ;)

crackers5 said... [REPLY]

The comic thing doesn't do anything when I click "make a new comic." The Hero Recon Team page still says "coming in April," and the link to the Hero Builder says "page not found" when I click it. =( Are you using a different region for the pages?

Anonymous said... [REPLY]

What's the exact link?


Sim533 said... [REPLY]

Clear your cache and try it again.

Sim533 said... [REPLY]


the link to the comic builder is in the red text in the post.

Anonymous said... [REPLY]

I also get the page not found link. Cleared my cache and everything. I'm using US as my region.

le717 said... [REPLY]

There is a new hidden feature in LDD 4.1.6! Here is the link for more info!


Anonymous said... [REPLY]

Hero Factory 2.0 game? It says the game will have your 2.0 now

Gatanui said... [REPLY]

The game is not yet available but will be this month as far as I know.

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