Hidden LDD mode in 4.1.6! Credit to RIOFORCE!

| Apr 4, 2011

Today, I was going to build in Lego Digital Designer, when it wanted to update. I updated it, and found out that it had Lego Universe mode in it. But this LU mode wasn't secret. Lego has made LU mode PUBLIC! Very Happy I went file diving, and I found a picture that said LEGO DIGITAL DESIGNER EXTENDED. Then, I entered this line into a file (prefrences.ini): ThemeAccess=LDDExtended. There is a new secret mode in LDD 4.1.6! Here are some pictures of it:





See! That is cool! You need to download LDD 4.1.6!


Eragon.Saphira said... [REPLY]


joemhewitt said... [REPLY]

I have added it, but there is no Lego Creator mode any more! Where has it gone!


joemhewitt said... [REPLY]

I have just realised that Lego Universe mode has just replaced Lego Creator mode. I had them both before. Does anyone know how to get Lego Creator mode back, because the picture is still in the files?


rioforce said... [REPLY]

Lego Creator is old. I don't think it will be back in LDD. Design-By-Me has the same bricks as Lego Creator anyway! Now that you know about LDD Extended, you can get all the bricks you need.

Arin3 said... [REPLY]

That is so awesome.
Thank You so much, Rioforce!!

FDH said... [REPLY]

windows only?

joemhewitt said... [REPLY]

I remember there was a way to get Lego Universe Mode on Macs, but I'm not sure. You would have to look in the files.


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