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| Mar 17, 2011
Video 3: See how a new special LEGO® element is created.
Video 3: See how a new special LEGO® element is created.
Video 3 has been added to the LEGO cars site. Be sure to check it out as well if you are interested in this storyline. ;) In the meantime, some questions were answered. They are posted below. I'm laughing at the answer for the third question...
  • When will the products be out?

    It depends on where you live but the first products will be ready for May 2011
  • Who is your favorite Cars character ?

    That is a difficult question because I like them all! The racers are super cool, and Guido is so cute, but my absolute favorite would be Mater!
  • When can I see the next video?

    I hope to get to film some more the next couple of days so hopefully very soon. Please check the site again in a week or two. Thanks
  • Is the guy in the video a real designer or is it an actor?

    Hi, I'm actually a real product designer. But thanks.
  • Is this really LEGO not duplo?

    It is LEGO! And we’ll make sure that each car consist of at least 30 bricks (depending on the size of course).
  • How many designers are there?

    There is actually a whole team of designers working on the LEGO Cars products. We are 7 if you include our graphic designer and element designers.
  • Will one of the sets be Flo's V8 Cafe ?

    I can’t give anything away, but that would definitely be a cool set!
  • How do you build Mater?

    First we build lots of different “sketch-models” and then we look and decide which LEGO Mater looks most like the real one. Of course it also has to be possible to build and play with. If you follow the next spy episode on this website, you'll be sure to learn more about how we build our LEGO Cars products.
  • Are Mater`s tall tales true ?

    I have no idea… What do you think? They are surely fun to watch! :-)
  • How do you get this job?

    There is lots of different ways to get this job, but first of all you have to love to build with LEGO!
  • So why are you doing stuff that your not supposed to?

    I wanted to share the whole design process because I think it is super interesting and exciting…
  • Did the guy in the video make this little blue car with a wrench?

    This little blue car is called Guido, but because we work as a team it is sometimes difficult to say who designed what. Guido is definitely partly designed by me though :-)


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