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| Mar 17, 2011

Space is not that far away!

Have you ever visited The site has been up since NASA signed the contract with LEGO. The website does only contain some videos where you can see the lauch of some space shuttles, a game, and some cool space downloads!

The home page! 
The home page does contain the most information. It shows you when the next lift off is, but it also shows how the last lift off was. Be sure to watch the video, it is pretty interesting to see how everything works and while you are watching, then be sure to say hi to the flying astronaut.

The game page!
The game is pretty fun. You NEED to create a rocket and if you get higher then X meters, then you win new parts for your rocket! Talk to Stan Flash and Ray to get more informations!

Thanks you for creating this game!

The video page! 
At this page you can watch videos of Nasa.

The download page! 
Download the 6 awesome wallpapers with the LEGO space guys!

The gallery page! 
Some screenshots of Nasa here.

Experience what it’s like to be an astronaut! Go check the site right now!

Keep checking for the latest updates! The website is updated once a month.

PS: More information of the LEGO Space sets can be found on the links below.

Want to build a space shuttle now?
Check the link above!


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