Best Team Moment Contest!

| Mar 18, 2011
Do you feel smarter, stealthier, stronger, faster and all-round more heroic when you team up in LEGO Universe? Or do you just like to goof around with your teammates? Show us what you and your team can do and win some truly heroic LEGO Hero Factory Sets!

This weekend, March 19th and 20th, participate in the Best Team Moment Screenshot Contest! Send a screenshot showing your Best Team Moment to the Creation Lab to enter the contest. We will reward 5 Teams, and all Minifigures on a team will get a prize pack, so make sure to include the Minifigure names of your teammates when you submit your screenshot to the Creation Lab! Up to 20 players will win!
There are a few things to keep in mind, when you take the screenshot: A team is defined as 2-4 players, and all of you must be visible in the screenshot you submit. Remember to state the in-game names of the Minifigures on your team in the text window of Creation Lab!
Who else knows the power of teamwork but the heroes of LEGO Hero Factory!

• The Top Team Winners (all 2-4 team members) will each receive a LEGO Hero Factory prize pack:
LEGO Hero Factory – Furno Bike (#7158)
LEGO Hero Factory - Stormer 2.0 (#2063)
LEGO Hero Factory - Furno 2.0 (#2065)
LEGO Hero Factory - Evo 2.0 (#2067)
LEGO Hero Factory - Nex 2.0 (#2068)
LEGO Hero Factory - Surge 2.0 (#2141)
LEGO Hero Factory - Breez 2.0 (#2142)
LEGO Hero Factory - Drilldozer (#2192)
LEGO Hero Factory - Jetbug (#2193)
LEGO Hero Factory - Nitroblast (#2194)
LEGO Hero Factory - Fire Lord (#2235)
1 copy of LEGO Universe (#55000)
o 1 Faction Rocket Nose Cone for your faction, distributed on the day they launch
o 20 Faction Tokens
o Being featured on the LEGO Universe community website.

This is open to residents of the US, the UK, Canada and Germany
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