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| Mar 23, 2011
So you know the mechanics of how to form a team, but do you really know the strategies to battle together? Learn the strengths and weaknesses of your teammates, explore different ways to heal your teammates, and don’t forget to have an emergency exit plan in place! Soon enough, you will find your teammates will be a strong force that can anticipate each others’ movements in battle and fight as one unit!

There are different ways to support each other. Some methods can be by healing Life, Armor or restoring Imagination for your teammates. There are certain Faction skills that specialize in this. The Sentinels’ Strengthen Armor ability increases the maximum Armor for nearby team members and also repairs the amount of Armor given. Combo Strengthen Armor with the Assembly weapon charge-up to repair teammates’ Armor at no cost. It’s a one-two punch to ensure that not only will your team have the most Armor possible, but the Armor is constantly being replenished to stay shiny and buff!

Does your team constantly run low on Imagination in the middle of a battle? Try adding a Paradox Faction member into the mix. The Paradox weapon charge-up will restore nearby teammates’ Imagination, costing the caster 1 point of Life. To make sure the supporting team member also stays healthy, consider throwing down a Cauldron of Life or donating some healing consumables to your teammate!

The benefits of restoring the Life, Armor, and Imagination of your teammates speak for themselves. It is a powerful way to come together as a team, but there are other tactics that can be used as well. Have you ever found yourself in a bind, where your team is about to be overrun with too many bad guys? Sounds like someone needs a Funky Monkey, quick! The Venture League can bust out a Funky Monkey to get the attention of most monsters nearby, giving the team a chance for a quick escape. The Daredevil’s Fire Extinguisher is also great to slow down monsters as you escape, so you can safely group up, heal each other up and prepare for the battle field once more.

Remember that there are many different styles of battle and teamwork. This is just the tip of the iceberg, with many more exciting additions coming in the future! One sneak peek of things to look forward to: An ability to boost the entire team’s running speed! How cool is that? Want more? What about the ability to move a group of enemies to a specific spot and hold them there for a period of time? Imagine the possibilities!

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