How to Build the Starskull Rocket!

| Mar 21, 2011
All the bricks you need!
Many of you have already collected the Skeleton Rockets to fly around in. My old eyes had never seen bones used as building material before! It is interesting indeed, that something so primitive could be used to create something so advanced. Did you know the skeleton rockets are built from the bones of Skeleton Miners? How dreadful! Still, the construction is quite clever. I was contemplating riding one (for testing purposes only, of course), but the purple would clash terribly with my orange robes. That just will not do.

 Then it hit me. I could build a Starskull Rocket for my very own, in a dashing orange! I began my research to reverse engineer the rocket immediately. Since you adventurers have been tirelessly collecting bones from Crux Prime for me, I have decided to share my findings on how to recreate the Starskull Rocket with you. Below, you will find all the parts necessary to build your own Starskull Rocket, either on your Property or with any bricks you may have collected in your own home. If you are like me, you can make your own color adjustments to customize the rocket or you can stay true to the color scheme to build a completely accurate replica.
 Download my research paper on how to recreate the Starskull Rocket here, but be sure to check with your parents first!
Fare thee well,
Mardolf the Orange
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