Race Your Way To Glory!

| Mar 28, 2011
Feel your aerodynamic racer speeding through one of the racetracks in LEGO Universe. You are cutting corners and Imagination boosting your way across the pitfalls, wind in your helmet. You are the king of the racetrack! April is the month of racing, and every week will offer a new grand prix! Race your way to victory, honor, glory and roaring LEGO prizes!
April 1 – April 30   Build a Race Car!

The April monthly contest will shoot us off to a flying start! Submit a picture of your finest race car to Creation Lab – whether you’ve built it in LEGO Universe, in LEGO Digital Designer or at home on your living room floor. Later this week we will post instruction on how to build a chassis for inspiration, but remember: anything goes, as long as it looks legendary! Up for grabs are LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT 2.0 Sets.

April 9 – April 10   Vertigo Loop Racetrack Grand Prix

Many Minifigures know the Nimbus Station racetrack like their own backyard, so competition is going to be fierce! Tip: Get under your fellow racers by placing yourself on the inside of a sharp turn, brake by hitting Shift and make a ninja-fast inside pass! Win LEGO World Racers for your efforts.

April 16 – April 17   Keelhaul Canyon Racetrack Grand Prix

Fill your mirrors with Minifigures in hot pursuit on the Gnarled Forest racetrack! Watch out for Maelstrom whirlwinds and infected crates, and rooster tails of dirt from the Cars in front. Friendly pushing and shoving is allowed! LEGO Creator cars are at stake!

April 23 – April 24   Race Car Screenshot Contest

Snap a screenshot of your best moment on the tracks and submit it to Creation Lab. Or show us the most rocking race car you’ve assembled in-game! The 20 best submissions will win dizzying LEGO Ninjago prizes such as the Turbo Shredder and Nuckal’s ATV!

April 30 – May 1   Mystery Racetrack Grand Prix

You will be pushing the pedal to the metal somewhere in LEGO Universe... The location is still unknown, but stay posted on LEGOuniverse.com/community! For now, rest assured - it is not going to be easy, but it will be fun! LEGO City Sets will be yours if you win!

Scrubbed tires are the best kind, so make sure to take a few practice runs before going all in on grand prix weekends! Zigzagging is recommended for warming up your tires!

Already now you can stock up on Green Imaginite for the racetracks, and start collecting car parts for your creations. Hammer down and get ready to roll!

Discuss the contest calendar in the forum !


Wooton said... [REPLY]

The mystery track is almost certainly going to be Dragonmaw Chasm

Sim533 said... [REPLY]

I was just thinking the same.

Anonymous said... [REPLY]


Almost certainly? What's the other track we know of? :P

Plus, LEGO has already stated DMC is coming soon. Wouldn't make sense to do something else before they released it. ;)


Wooton said... [REPLY]

lol, I just don't want to take the extremely small chance that it's wrong :P
btw, Figmentia posted in her thread today saying to check the LU site tomorrow for some big news, guessing this will either be about NT or DMC

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