Build a Bunny contest!

| Mar 19, 2011
In order to enter the Build a Bunny contest you have to create a Bunny and mail a screenshot of the model to us before the 17th of April 2011.

Rules of the contest:
- Use a maximum of 100 bricks
- Your model has to have some resemblance to a Bunny
- We select 12 finalist, your votes decide who takes the trophy

From the 21st to 25th of April the fans will vote on the finalists.

The lucky winner will be
 announced on the 25th of April on Design byME’s website.

The creator of the bunny with the most votes will become the proud owner of Bill the Bunny, a custom-designed bunny built in LEGO Digital Designer by our own, very talented designer, Steen Sig Andersen.

Number of elements: 108
Approximate price of Bill the Bunny: $30 US

Check it out! 


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