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| Jan 15, 2011
There are 2 contests going on for the moment. You don't need LU to enter the contests.



Sponge6789(REAL) said... [REPLY]

Hey guys, not sure if you saw it but cartoon network had a ninjago special a coule nights ago


Anonymous said... [REPLY]

was it any different than the videos on the site now?

Sim533 said... [REPLY]

Yeah, or business is a bit slow. That is because there isn't that much news these days.

Anyway, congratulations for having the best property this week!

Wooton said... [REPLY]

anyone remember back in beta when they said you would be able to see LU minifig stats online? well it looks like they're releasing the first part of the tonight. Nexus Prime probably wont be in the release according to this though http://universe.LEGO.com/en-us/community/content.aspx?id=272833

Vanderdecken12 said... [REPLY]

That would be cool to see stats outside of LU. Where does it say you can do that though?

Wooton said... [REPLY]

"Nexus HQ
- Nexus HQ has launched! Nexus HQ is a new website where you can see look up info about your minifigures and the equipment in LEGO Universe. This is just the beginning for the Nexus HQ."

I'm assuming when they say "website" it means a site outside of LU (otherwise it would probably be called a "world" or something), and a while back in the beta forum they had some stuff about seeing people's minifigs on a website, I'm guessing this is what they meant

Vanderdecken12 said... [REPLY]

Okay, nice. Please let us know if you see this launched :)

SuperBen21 said... [REPLY]

That would be awesome to be able to see your minifigures statistics. Hope your right.

mysterygoo said... [REPLY]


Oh ok. And thanks for the praise! Do you have the game or not?

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