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| Jan 13, 2011
From the lego universe community pages:

This is Duke Exeter. As you know, you’ll soon be able to explore a new planet, Crux Prime. It is under siege by the Maelstrom and everyone’s help is needed to push back this scourge and provide us with further intel about the largest planet in LEGO Universe.

I have received reports that a new type of enemy has appeared. Odd skeleton creatures mining Maelstrom Ore from Crux Prime’s crust! When you land at Sentinel Point Zeta, your first objective is to investigate the new skeletal menace in the Maelstrom Quarry.

Afterwards, I need you to go to the Ruins of the Ninjago Monastery. Wise Sensei Wu has a bone to pick with the Skeletons, since they drove the Ninja away from their home planet called Ninjago. The Sensei will train you in the ancient Ninja art of Spinjitzu!

Be careful on your new missions – Nexus Force weaponry is only half its usual power when you’re battling the dreaded Skeletons. You will need to learn Spinjitzu to make it in one piece!

Once you’ve mastered the mystical Spinjitzu technique, you will be capable of spinning faster and faster until turning into a whirling vortex of Imagination sweeping across the battleground! Keep in mind that there is a charge-up to the Spinjitzu attack – while charging you’ll be vulnerable to enemy attacks. Unleash the Imagination Spinjitzu!

A few pieces of advice: You should start preparing yourself– these missions will require lots of Imagination. Team up with your fellow Minifigures – you will need to help each other overcome this powerful enemy.

Good luck and be brave!

Duke Exeter,
Sentinel Faction Leader.

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Also, there are rumors of a Nintendo DS Ninjago game.


Wooton said... [REPLY]

apparently Ninjago will also have a DS game, according to this article:

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