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| Jan 17, 2011
The LU patcher is downloading new stuff, it contains the next features.

January 17 2011 (v.1.2.33)

Nexus HQ- Nexus HQ has launched! Nexus HQ is a new website where you can see look up info about your minifigures and the equipment in LEGO Universe. This is just the beginning for the Nexus HQ.
(it is here)

Enemies- Hammerlings should now move correctly in the Venture Explorer instance.

Building- If a player’s model is rejected, the player will now receive a message saying so.

Frostburgh achievements- Frostburgh racetrack achievements should now count towards the “Go Outside and Play” racing meta-achievement.

Game Economy- Faction token and coin payouts for the Survival, Car Racing and Shooting Gallery have been increased slightly.

New Feature- Players who complete an important task for Master Fong Shader in Forbidden Valley will come face to face with the mysterious presence within the Maelstrom!


SuperBen21 said... [REPLY]

Thats a lot to be downloading at once. Does that mean big update?

Wooton said... [REPLY]

found the HQ! you type in a LU minifig name or a LU item and you can see the stats of that minifig or item. I hope you'll be able to do some direct editing to your page in the future, since, right now it just looks like it reflects the LU items it's wearing and the stats

Wooton said... [REPLY]

more news! lol. this is just an update on the Ninjago DS game, I found some stuff about it on the LEGO site, so now you know it's official:

Jam430 said... [REPLY]

In the items section I just discovered something very mysterious and cool. Look up the skeleton shirt and pants. Together they give seven imagination! It looks like they will be available on planet crux.

Sim533 said... [REPLY]

Well, I have seen some bugs. From there the word "beta". Well spotted, adventurer!

Some mythran-only items were approved into the selection too. There is a weird hat (search for Figmentia), which is only for mythrans. There is a picture, but no stats or something else...

Also you can see that they took alot of items out. If you search for Elementron, then you can see a ? in the right corner, that is his jetpack. But because the file doesn't exist, we cannot see it. Meet him in game and you will -probably- see the jetpack.

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