No more vip codes

| Dec 23, 2010
Well, the box on the Lego Universe Community page changed. From now on it is called "Loot Code". Also the old vip codes doesn't work anymore. Which means that we probably can't do the Lego Universe Rank anymore on MLN.


Gatanui said... [REPLY]

More and more MLN stuff is disappearing. I wonder if this means MLN could disappear as well.

C-Fish said... [REPLY]

@Gatanui I don't think so... What would they replace it with?

Fireballminers said... [REPLY]

do i get blog points for the news i found (the vip code box being gone)?

Eragon.Saphira said... [REPLY]

@C-FishThey might replace it with that Octopus site that Sim533 found

LEGOVerse said... [REPLY]


Just thought I'd drop in and wish everyone a happy Christmas Eve / early Christmas / Happy Holidays!

Sim533 said... [REPLY]

You actually already got them, though you didn't asked for it, or did you? :P

ToaBinbin said... [REPLY]

Since the LEGO City website has updated, the Coast Guard game has disappeared and the LEGO Club Magazine Badge code does not work (though i have a cached version of it), It maybe that MLN is going to disappear.

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