LEGO Club Magazine and Mindstorms Seasonal Greetings

| Dec 22, 2010
The LEGO Club Newsletter has arrived in our inboxes! Check your email. It includes information about the new and improved LEGO Club website! You can now read an interactive LEGO Club Magazine on their website (it is so awesome!!)! The newsletter also advertises that LEGO Club TV is on ON DEMAND, features a cool creation by DerbyFan6415, and also a link to sign up for the free LEGO Club Magazine and another one to watch LEGO Club videos. Check out the new and improved LEGO Club website now!

Mindstorms Seasonal Greetings

Here's what I found on the Mindstorms website:
We thank you all for a very creative and inventive year. We look forward to seeing all your fantastic robotic creations NXT year and wish you all a happy holiday season. Let’s make next year “The year of the robots” by creating and exploring more awesome robotic inventions together.

Play well,


CheshireCat150 said... [REPLY]

What do you think about the new LEGO Club website? Please share you thoughts here. Also, do you think LEGO will eventually switch to posting all the LEGO Magazines on their website instead of sending them by mail?

LEGOVerse said... [REPLY]

I don't see any reason why LEGO would stop shipping out LEGO Magazines and switch to an entirely digital format. The physical magazines reach far more people than those who are regular visitors to the Club website, not including people who don't have internet access. The magazine has always been free because LEGO wants its products to be seen by as many people as possible.

Although LEGO Magazine has been through many changes over the years, not all of which have been positive (*cough* length *cough*), I don't think that there would be much benefit in eliminating the paper issues (at least within the foreseeable future).

Anonymous said... [REPLY]

I just saw that the LEGO Shop sells the new HeroFactory 2.0 sets! It are exactly these which were shown in the Ordeal of Fire Game. You can see what enemies will come in 2011 too. Here's the Link:

Fireballminers said... [REPLY]

you know the lego universe vip code box has been taken down guys?

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