LU update today!

| Dec 1, 2010
Frostburgh is! They will be having a maintenance today for Storm Universe and Exeter Universum and early tomorrow morning for Overbuild Universe. An update is coming up with the exact times. This maintenance will include the Frostivus event and Return to Venture Explorer!

The servers will be closed briefly while they release the new content. As always, the closures have been scheduled during night time, to affect the least number of players. Here are the exact times:

Storm Universe (UK) and Exeter Universum (DE): 23.00 - 01.00 CET.

Overbuild Universe (US): 03.00 -05.00 EST.

The developers are excited! Come celebrate Frostivus with us! Let's have a snowball fight!


C-Fish said... [REPLY]

Here's some Lego news:

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