Only LU news this week! 2011 sneak preview! + Release Notes December!

| Dec 3, 2010
From the Lego Universe News network: 

Jordan Itkowitz, Design Director of LEGO Universe, gives us an update into what is coming to LEGO Universe in the coming months. If you like spoilers, read on!

A rare sighting of Jordan!

1. Who are you and what do you do on LEGO Universe?
My name is Jordan Itkowitz, and I am the Design Director on LEGO Universe. It’s my job to oversee and plan all of the cool new worlds, features, gameplay and storylines that we will be releasing in the game. We have a huge team of very talented people working on making all of this great new stuff for players to experience!

2. What is your favorite LEGO Universe faction and why?
I play Venture League because I love to explore and hunt for every last collectible. However, all of the Factions are cool – there are too many amazing things coming for each of them to only limit myself to one – I have to try everything!

3. How do you think the LEGO Universe launch has gone? Anything you would change?
It’s been awesome to get into the game and see all of the players running around, battling or just hanging out in Nimbus Plaza, showing off all of their new gear and pets. Far as changes go, the team is constantly looking for ways to improve on things already in the game, as well as planning great new features that will make our Universe even larger and more varied.

4. What is the most exciting thing about the new Frostburgh zone? What about the Return to Venture Explorer?
Snow! I can’t wait to get into Frostburgh and see epic snowball fights breaking out. I’m also really looking forward to getting out onto the icy Space Blizzard Racetrack and seeing other racers zooming around in the awesome new race cars. I’ll be driving the Jingle Blazer, because a reindeer on the hood of your car is just win! 

The Return to the Venture Explorer is a really cool instance, because it lets you get back to the spaceship and see how the Maelstrom has taken over since players first escaped to Avant Gardens. It’s an all-new way to enjoy a level you think you already know pretty well.

5. What part do you expect the community to play in the development of LEGO Universe?
The community’s already been a big help in telling us what they like, what things are frustrating and what they’d like to see more of. The dev team loves hearing feedback, and we definitely listen and try to address things as soon as we can. So keep posting on the forums!

6. What do you think the community will be most excited about in the coming months?
We have so much new stuff appearing in LEGO Universe for 2011 – every month there’s going to be something new and awesome in the game: New worlds that will delve deeper into the backstory of planet Crux and the construction of Nexus Tower. Tons of improvements and new features to help you build even more amazing creations on your Property. Plus new Faction kits and more Pets, rockets, race cars and gear than you can possibly collect!

7. Are there any special sneak previews you can give the community?
One of the most exciting things we’re planning for 2011 is based on LEGO’s big new toy line – which I can’t talk about just yet. We’re building an all-new world, new enemies and a fantastic new way to fight them. We’re also creating an epic storyline that will unfold throughout the year, tying this new planet together with Nexus Tower, the Maelstrom and some very important secret artifacts… Stay tuned!

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Release Notes December

December 1 2010 (v.1.2.20)

Frostburgh is Here!
- The Frostburgh zone is now active. The zone includes new Missions, Daily Missions and Achievements to complete for items and Candy Canes. Spend your Candy Canes at Hansel Tinsel’s shop to buy even more holiday goodies. New items include 31 new Holiday Reward Models, 4 new Consumables and 28 new Accessories. There’s a new Reindeer Pet to tame. Also, a Space Blizzard has blown over the Vertigo Loop Racetrack – brave the icy conditions and unlock 2 new holiday-themed racecars! Finally, players can now toss snowballs at each other and spread the Frostivus spirit!

Return to Venture Explorer
- Players can now return to the Venture Explorer to assist the Nexus Force in retrieving vital information before the Maelstrom destroys the ship. This single player instance includes new Missions, Daily Missions and new items. It’s also a great way to return to the Venture Explorer and complete any Achievements you may have missed the first time through. Speak to Sky Lane in Avant Gardens after you have joined a Faction and completed her other Missions.

More Backpack Space!!!
- All Minifigures will get a special email from Dr. Overbuild which unlocks 20 more Backpack slots! In addition, 5 new missions have been introduced around the Universe - complete these to unlock even more Backpack space! Speak to Beck Strongheart and Sky Lane in Avant Gardens and Kenjin the Wise in Forbidden Valley. Finally, the cost of Blue Imaginite has been dropped from 1000 coins to 500 coins, which will make Rad Eccles’ Backpack Mission chain easier to complete.

Survival Update
- Gameplay in the Avant Gardens Survival instance has been updated so that the event is now more challenging, competitive and less prone to exploits. Because of this change, the Survival Leaderboards will be reset soon.

- Car-to-car collisions will no longer cause anyone to explode.

Other Changes
- Several User Interface elements have been updated and changed.
- The transition map screen has been updated.
- All items now feature a new rarity UI display. The bigger the diamond, the rarer the item.
- Dragon Bosses in Forbidden Valley have an updated Health Bar.
- Lots of miscellaneous fixes throughout the game.


Gatanui said... [REPLY]

Sounds awesome! Now I will have to buy subscription every month. :P That secret line he mentions sounds like NINJAGO.

Wooton said... [REPLY]

jetpacks exist! it is finally proven!

roddy15 said... [REPLY]

At last they listened to my moaning during beta! They have got rid of the horrible collisions on the races so it is now cleaner and more fair!

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