Meet the Ninja!

| Nov 30, 2010
The last and fourth card is available to turn on! Are you ready to meet the ninja's and the skeletons?

A little preview before you check the site out. :)

Four young ninjas against a Skeleton Army ... the skeletons don’t stand a chance. The ninjas are trained in the ancient art of Spinjitzu; a powerful martial art where a ninja moves so fast, he becomes a tornado of motion.

But hidden in the shadows is Lord Garmadon, banished to the Underworld for his evil crimes. There, he found foul allies, a Skeleton Army which follows his orders. He’s looking for something, something that could destroy all life.

The ninjas think they’re ready to face him, but they’re not. They have not mastered Spinjitzu, like he has. They are not masters of the elements.

Garmadon laughs - it’s all going according to plan.

Now go take a look at the site:

The competition for the ninjago competition is still running. You do still have 2 weeks left to enter your scores, after that we contact the winner and they will receive a prize.


Gatanui said... [REPLY]

NINJAGO is insane. :O Is it just me or does that seem an awful lot like a TV series?

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