site down

| Sep 2, 2009
Don't worry, this is only a short event. LEGO is just updating their site. It will be back up soon.


ilc said... [REPLY]

the site is back up now

micah82 said... [REPLY]

Is it possible they are adding the new star wars game?

Sim533 said... [REPLY]

I can get back on the site but if somebody couln't i give the following

"Refresh doesn't seem to work anymore, but, to add some humor to this sad story, I will give my solution:
Just cross your fingers ,plug your nose, stick out your tongue, close your eyes, put one hand over your right ear, hold your breath, and repeatedly say "please work, please work, please work" while shaking the mouse wildly. Then, while doing everything listed above (besides shaking the mouse wildly), open an internet browser (firefox, google chrome, internet explorer, safari, I don't care which), and log in. If you can do this successfully, I guarantee you it will work. :-)"

Anonymous said... [REPLY]

dobbins2299. I got a new lego club magizine!

Sim533 said... [REPLY]

That's good.

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