LEGO Universe Nexus Tower updates

| May 19, 2011
Many new details about the upcoming Nexus Tower patch have been released in the past few days. We have an introduction to the new, long-awaited vault system which will enable you to store items outside your backpack.

Next there are details, stats and pictures of the awesome new Valiant Weapons. Now if anybody would care to explain to me why the Venture Buccaneer weapon, being the strongest in the entire game, is much more powerful than the Venture Daredevil one, I shall be pleased. :P It seems the third faction specialities won´t be part of this update (otherwise there would be Valiant Weapons for those as well), but this update still looks like the one to look the most forward to to date.


mysterygoo said... [REPLY]

What is the new background picture supposed to symbolize?

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