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| Mar 15, 2011
Are you feeling overwhelmed with all the new items in Crux Prime and new passport achievement rewards? Don’t know where to start? Never fear, we are here! Here are our top 5 favorite must-have weapons for battle!

5. Witch's Surf-Broom
Do you prefer one big stylish bang? A unique item, the Witch’s Surf-Broom is an item like the Everlasting Hot Dog. A consumable that doesn’t expire!

When you use the Witch’s Surf-Broom, you’ll start surfing on a broomstick, charge forward and knock down your enemy for 20 points of damage. 20. You read that right. Surfing, knock down and 20 points of damage? And you can do it all over again in just a few seconds? Yes, please! All you have to do to get the Witch’s Surf-Broom is complete “The Four Riders Timesmash 2” achievement! Team up with your friends and defeat the Four Riders of the Maelstrom in the Battle of Nimbus Station in less than 18 minutes and you can surf around with all your friends!

4. Exceptional Pea Shooter
Are you more of a support player? Do you think that smarts and strategy are more powerful than the strongest weapons? Check out the Exceptional Pea Shooter.

Those who take advantage of this smart little weapon understand one thing: It’s not all about maximum damage. You need strategy (and a good laugh!) to work with a team. The EPS is a 2+2+2 weapon –but that’s not the best part. Using your imagination to launch lethal peas, you can knock down and chain stun enemies! Really, enough said. Go out and buy one from the Wandering Chef in Crux Prime now!

3. Heroic Trident of Lightning
Are your fingers itching for something more powerful than peas? How does the idea of harnessing the power of lightning sound? Are you ready for that kind of power? Are you ready for… the Heroic Trident of Lightning?

This 3+3+4 piercing weapon alone is great, but the trident also has a great charge up power! Take a quick second to charge up and call down the power of lightning to strike nearby enemies! Where can you get this kind of power? The Heroic Trident of Lightning is a random drop from enemies in Crux Prime! There are tons of hidden goodies in the enemies’ backpacks, so keep smashing, maybe you’ll get lucky!

2. Spark Thrower
Is defeating the Maelstrom not good enough for you? Do you need to battle with spark and pizzazz? Check out the Spark Thrower!

Chock-full of damage and sparks, the Spark Thrower will deal damage every second until you run out of Imagination! Throw down a fountain of Imagination, pull out the Spark Thrower and watch the sparks fly! You can find the Spark Thrower as a random drop from enemies in Crux Prime. It’s a rarity level of 3, so you may have to hunt for a while to find one, but it’s well worth the hunt!

1. Savage Club
Do you dream of being simply impressive? The Savage Club may just be the weapon for you!

This bad boy has some serious power –not to mention it looks fierce! A 3+4+4 weapon that is so huge and powerful it requires both hands to wield! Where can you get one of these for your very own? The Savage Club is an achievement reward for “The Curse of Whack Bliddo – Tier 2” Achievement! Time twist back to the Battle of Nimbus Station to get started on this Passport mission!

These were just a small handful of our favorite weapons. What are yours? Discuss this article and your favorite weapons on the message boards!


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