Battle of Nimbus Station Contest!

| Mar 10, 2011
So you think you’re the champ of the new Battle Instance, the epic Battle of Nimbus Station? Prove that you have the teamwork and skill needed to defeat the many waves of Maelstrom coming at you! Play the Battle of Nimbus Station mini-game this weekend, March 12th and March 13th. The top three (of 20) winners will receive nine Ninjago sets along with a copy of LEGO Universe! So get ready to Spinjitzu your way through the battle of Nimbus Station, who knows, maybe you could be one of the 20 lucky winners!

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Anonymous said... [REPLY]

why would you win a copy of the game you are playing?

Gatanui said... [REPLY]

I am wondering about that, too. :P

I had some awesome teams but always lost connection in between. Then, I go with a not-so-good team of which all members die, and it takes me an eternity to defeat the Maelstrom riders alone. But at least I got an achievement and I am also qualified now. :) I hope the effort and the hour I played NS battle will be worth the effort.

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