How To Get all 142 Backpack Slots

| Mar 2, 2011
A new article has been released with some information about where to get all the backpacks slots plus some info on the bank and a much requested achievement sell-back vendor. So, check it out!

Would you really really like to keep your newly-earned Riffin’ Guitar, but now you’re all out of Backpack space? There might be hope for your latest treasure! Here’s the full list of the tasks you need to complete to get all 142 backpack slots!

Open your Passport, compare it with this list, and see if you have finished all the Missions and Achievements which will reward you extra Backpack slots!

Backpack Spaces Name Location Type
4 Smash ‘Em All, tier 3 Nimbus System Battle Achievement
4 A Feat of Imagination Nimbus System General Achievement
4 Nexus Force Collector Nimbus System General Achievement
4 LEGO Universe Commendation, tier 2 Nimbus System Play Achievement
4 To Arms Avant Gardens Mission
4 Respect My Authority Avant Gardens Mission
4 Radio Free LEGO Avant Gardens Mission
4 Smash and Awe Avant Gardens Mission
4 A Real Hole in the Wall Avant Gardens Mission
4 Slot Five Avant Gardens Mission
4 Whatever It Takes Avant Gardens Mission
4 Spare Cannonballs Avant Gardens Mission
4 Speedy Scout Avant Gardens Achievement
4 Avant Gardens Observer Avant Gardens Achievement
16 Gather Blue Imaginite for Rad Eccles Nimbus Station Mission
4 Nimbus Station Flag Hunter Nimbus Station Achievement
4 Solo Artist Nimbus Station Achievement
4 That’s Appealing Gnarled Forest Achievement
4 Gnarled Forest Achiever, tier 3 Gnarled Forest Achievement
4 Pirate Legend, tier 3 Gnarled Forest Achievement
4 The Golden Treasures Forbidden Valley Mission
2 Frostburgh Flag Hunter Frostburgh Achievement
2 Starbase 3001 Flag Hunter Starbase 3001 Achievement
2 LEGO Club Flag Hunter LEGO Club Achievement

Every Minifigure starts out with 20 empty spaces, plus Dr. Overbuild sends you an email in Avant Gardens with an additional 20, so all told, that’s 142 Backpack slots for you to store all of your swag!

Backpacks are heavy when they’re chock-a-block jam-packed, so you should think of your Backpack as a place to keep the items and gear you like the most, and not everything you pick up or earn. It’s always a good idea to consider which items you really need, and which you can do without. When we open the Bank in Nexus Tower you are going to get more space, but it’s not unlimited space, so you will still have to prioritize your possessions. And if you’ve thrown something away that you desperately want back, check out Honor Accolade’s vendor booth in Nexus Tower! He’ll be selling a lot of the items you’ve already collected by completing Achievements. Remember that you can sell the stuff you no longer need, trade it with other players or give it away. One Minifigure’s trash might be another Minifigure’s treasure! Look dapper in your new carefully selected outfits!

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Gatanui said... [REPLY]

I already have all the packpack space you can get and I have to send items via mail all the time. :(

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