Feb 23rd. The Battle for Nimbus Station Begins!

| Feb 18, 2011
Nimbus Station is under attack! Not now – in the past! You have probably heard stories about the legendary battle of Nimbus Station. The conniving Stromlings hid behind Minifigure cutouts in order to trap the brave heroes of the Nexus Force. Soon, it will be your turn to defend Nimbus Plaza and help preserve the present!

On February 23, travel back to a less friendly version of the Nimbus Station you know so well. Fight 30 waves of fierce, Maelstrom-infected enemies. The more of them you manage to smash, the harder it is going to get! Ultimately, you will have to cross swords with the Four Riders of the Maelstrom. Defeat them to save Nimbus Plaza!

When the time comes, scout out Nexus Force time traveler Wenn Wuzzit. He will be looking after the dizzying time-twister located in Nimbus Station near the launch pad for Avant Gardens.

The Battle of Nimbus Station is not a one-Minifigure sort of operation. The dangerous 4-player battle instance will require tons of strategy, cooperation and consumables if you want to make it through unsmashed! Prepare for this battle instance by improving your teamwork in Crux Prime!

Undeterred by the battle, Dr. Overbuild continues to build Nexus Tower and the new bank. While they are under construction, make sure to kick some Maelstrom-infected butt in this new Nimbus Station combat instance and turn the tide of battle! Polish your skills, so you’ll be ready for the Battle of Nimbus Station weekend contest in March.
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