Create Your Own Mindstorms/Android apps!!

| Dec 18, 2010
Now YOU can create your own Apps for LEGO MINDSTORMS!

Now it has just been made easier to make your very own Android apps for LEGO MINDSTORMS!

Thursday 16 Decembern, it was announced that the App Inventor for Android has integrated a palette of control functions for LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT that allows you to build your own app for your Android devices that can control your LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT robot with its motors and sensors.
At the Google headquarters in Mountainview, California, a big group of dedicated Google employees formed the 20% Robotics Task Force and spent countless hours assembling and disassembling LEGO MINDSTORMS bots to try and get the coolest designs for line following, shooting balls, and using the sensors in fun ways to demo our Android apps.

Says Ryan Hickman, Eng Project Manager and Über-Dogfooder at Google: ‘We recently showed the Cellbots app to a group of children visiting on a school trip and they had a ton of fun driving the LEGO robots around the room using the Android phone for a remote control!’.

Read more about it at the Google Code Blog.

If you want to learn more about the research behind the project then check out the Google Research Blog.

And finally you can learn more about Cellbot and thier involvement in the project here.


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