City site updated to a higher level!

| Dec 17, 2010
For the users that didn't noticed yet, the site of LEGO city has been updated with a new layout!
There is a new thing and that is something like the Clubcode box on the club code site.
The new thing is a place where you can enter the code that has been found on the back of your LEGO city police set. If you have a code, don't run directly to the city site. The 4 wallpapers haven't been uploaded yet.
Also the funzone page got a new update! And this zone looks very beautiful!
Pay attention to the train story which is a new interactive comic.
The product zone got as well a few updates, but I'm not sure if there are any new products available. 
The games pages is actually a direct collection of the games. I prefer using the funzone button, and then you can click from there which game you want to play.  The MLN games are still online. :) 
The download page does still have the old downloads, but that all in a new layout. 


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