LU Message board changes on Wednesday + New log in option

| Nov 3, 2010
On Wednesday the 3rd of November, LEGO will do a bit of restructuring on the LEGO Universe message board. The LEGO Universe forum will move to the top of, right above the section. AND -- LEGO will get new sub forums as well!

So if you notice some changes on Wednesday, or don’t see the board in the spot where you usually find it, fear not! LEGO is just moving it a bit further up the page and making a few adjustments to improve your experience here on the boards.

Please also be aware that you might need to change your bookmark to the LEGO Universe message board, once it has been moved. Alternatively, you can always access the LEGO Universe forum through the game patcher or from

See you in the Universe!

Also the LEGO in log page got a bit of restructuring. From now on you can also choose for the option 'forgot my username' for the users that forgot this one. ;)


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