End of Halloween Contest

| Nov 2, 2010
The results are in for the Halloween Contest we held in October. First, we would like to thank everyone who entered. And those of you who entered and didn't get in the top three, we are giving 10 blogger points for your time, effort, and good work! We said at the beginning of the contest that if we got more entries than we've ever gotten before (our record is 14), then everyone who entered would get an extra 10 blogger points. Unfortunately, we only got 12 entries. So you guys will have to go for that new record next contest. Ok, now's the time to announce the winner: The big winner of the Halloween contest is...Drum roll....ERAGON.SAPHIRA!!!

About our winner, Eragon.Saphira

(click image to see full size)
Points this contest: 76.5/100
Total points ever: 391.61/500
Average points points per entry: 78.32

Eragon.Saphira did it again. Her patience, skill, and creativity seems to be endless. She spent days on this entry, and it paid off. She will receive 200 blogger points for this beautiful entry, and she definitely deserves it. The judges gave it high scores, and picked it as one of their favorite three entries. When we set up a form so the readers of this blog could vote, she received 15 out of the 17 votes.

Great job Eragon.Saphira!! Your entry is amazing!! 

The next two entries tied for second with one vote each out of the 17. Out of the 14 entries the judges received, they chose these two to be in the top three with Eragon.Saphira's. Clearly, these entries are still amazing.
2nd- Arin3 (Picture)

Points this contest: 91/100
Total points ever: 497.17/600
Average points per entry: 82.862

3rd- C-Fish (Picture)

Points this contest: 83.5/100
Total points ever: 182.5/300
Average points per entry: 60.83

And everyone else gets a complementary 10 blogger points. Entries are in no particular order.

hothsoldier9876 (Picture)


Congratulations to the winners! The blogger point rewards are as follows: 200 for Eragon.Saphira (congrats again!), 150 for Arin3 and C-Fish, and 10 for all the rest. Blogger points can be redeemed for clicks or items at the market. A special thanks goes to SuperBen21 for helping Sim533 and I (CheshireCat150) judge this contest. And to everyone who entered, thank you! We hope that you'll enter the next contest too! Speaking of which...

Next Contest
Come back tomorrow to see the next contest!!


Gatanui said... [REPLY]

Congrats everybody! :)

CheshireCat150 said... [REPLY]

The blogger points have been added! Congrats again everyone!!

C-Fish said... [REPLY]

Congrats Eragon.Saphira!
Wow, I never thought I'd make it to the top three!

Eragon.Saphira said... [REPLY]

Congratulations to the other contestants!

Mrs.Teavee300 said... [REPLY]

Wow! Eragon.Saphira, how long did it take you?

Eragon.Saphira said... [REPLY]

Um, it took about 4 days of designing and putting the stickers on the modules and then another few days after that trying to get the modules to display properly. The first photo that CheshireCat150 took of my page shows how the single module of trick-or-treaters and the module with the jack-o-lantern eyes and nose had some issues and weren't showing up. I guess in terms of hours it was completed and displaying in about 5 hours.

Mrs.Teavee300 said... [REPLY]

Wow! I congratulate you! The time definitely paid off.

CheshireCat150 said... [REPLY]

Mrs.Teavee300. A picture has been taken of your page. Thanks for your entry! :)

Mrs.Teavee300 said... [REPLY]

Thank you, I changed my page back to normall.

CheshireCat150 said... [REPLY]

Only 24 days left to enter our Christmas contest(link)!

CheshireCat150 said... [REPLY]

Only 10 more days to enter our Christmas Contest!

Arin3. A picture has been taken of your page. Thanks for your entry!

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