Build the Best Airport - LU Contest

| Nov 13, 2010
Autumn Helix is now selling Airport models! These models will be available for purchase for a limited time only – and here is another good reason to snap them up. This week’s challenge is to build the best airport you can!

Using any of your available properties, models and bricks, build a travel hub to help move Minifigures during the busy travel season!  Combine other themes for amazing effects – what about a castle airport guarded by cannons?

The rules!
1. Your property should look like an airport – it should contain at least one place for a flying vehicle to land and yes, helicopters count (as do birds and pterodactyls).
2. Make sure to close your backpack and minimize your chat when you take your screen shot – we want to see your airport in all its glory!
3. Please do not use Paint or any other program to modify your screen shot.
4. All entries must be received by midnight EST (5:00 AM CET), November 19th. If you are not sure what time that is where you live – just get it in before Friday, November 19th!
5. We will be giving prizes to the top 10 airports judged by the LEGO Universe team. We will also be giving prizes to 10 random players who participate – and no, you can’t win both.
6. This week’s prizes are 10 faction tokens and a white airplane model to complete your airport!
7. We will be judging entries based on creativity and representation of theme – get creative!
8. Everyone can participate.
9. Winners will receive their prizes via in-game email.

Here is how to submit your winning entry from a PC:
1. Please press Alt+Print Scrn on your keyboard when you have the perfect scene.
2. Open MSPaint, click on Edit and then on Paste.
3. Save the file as a JPG by using the drop down menu and have your parents email it to community @ along with your Minifigure’s name and server (Overbuild (US), Storm Universe (UK) or Exeter Universum (German)).

Have a Mac? Here is how to take a winning picture!
1. Hold down the "CMD" and "SHIFT" keys.
2. Press the number "3" key. The screenshot will automatically be saved to your desktop.
3. Have your parents email it to community @ along with your Minifigure’s name and server (Overbuild (US), Storm Universe (UK) or Exeter Universum (German)).

Start your building today!

Discuss the contest on the message board !


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