Are you ninja? -Pt 3.

| Nov 15, 2010
The third part of the teaser of the ninjago site is out. The third part is a game that start with loading. While it loads, it will play an ad for LU... 

After that you can play the game, and choose of 4 paths. The first and second path were already available, and the thrid one is just launched. Every week a new path will be released. The third path - Flash Dance - is now open. Use your mouse to move from left to right and avoid the electrical sparsk falling from the glowing lanterns. Collect extra points for picking up the bouncing coins. The longer you last, the more points you will receive! Good luck!

What is your score? 
High score list...
See our competition page for more information. (Link in the right top corner)

To enter a cheatcode, click on the bottom of the screen, when you can choose your path. 
Tiny Lightning - Light Fire Light Fire Light
Lightning Double Points - Light Ice Ice Light Fire

You can play the 4 paths already without cheatcodes on the producers' site. See this post for more information!


Wooton said... [REPLY]

looks like LU will get some Christmas stuff

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