Ninjago teaser!

| Oct 15, 2010
The teaser for the new storyline called 'Ninjago' is online. Go take a look at
There is a lot of new content, go check it out! 


Sim533 said... [REPLY]

Blog points were awarded to Mysterygoo! Thank you!

Gatanui said... [REPLY]

I was going to post this as well. :P

Sim533 said... [REPLY]

To late, I'm sorry. And I just posted the other teaser, so I guess you need to be faster next time. ;)

Eragon.Saphira said... [REPLY]

This is awesome! I love ninjas!!
When will the sets be released?

JohnnyThunder2468 said... [REPLY]

The sets will be released in January 2011, I believe.


troyergoldman said... [REPLY]

Link doesn't work, not on products page.
Did they remove it?

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