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| Oct 11, 2010
Hello to all the LEGO Technic fans! After waiting for a long time, LEGO finally opened a Technic forum just for you! Did you check out the new products already? What do you think of the Container Truck or the Mobile Crane? What is your favorite and why? (

Also posted on the new Technic forum:
"We would like to challenge your imagination and creativity. What are the best combinations of LEGO Technic sets? What cool new creations can you build with it?

Have your models ready, share them with everybody and upload them to the Technic gallery. We all want to have a look. "

Here is the latest news about the competition. - We are by the finale of the competition.

Welcome to the Big Finale of the Technic competition 2010. The 8 finalists for The Technic challenge have been selected, and you can vote to help choose which is the best Technic model 2010! 
Voting closes at the end of the month!
- Hurry up and go! 
The winner will receive a great prize, containing the 2010 Novelty Assortment
Missed your chance?
This is the last round of the Take the Technic Challenge, but stay tuned for spring 2011 where we will return with the new round of 'Take the Technic Challenge 2011'!

There is also a new blog where LEGO Technic developers will post news and secret stuff.


CheshireCat150 said... [REPLY]

I voted for mindstormmaniac1000's All-Terrain Crane. Anyone else vote?

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