Do Androids Dream of LEGO MINDSTORMS?

| Oct 11, 2010
Now there is a new way to play with your MINDSTORMS robots!

If you are the owner of a LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT set and have an Android smartphone and you want to have some quick and fun action with your robots, now you have the possibility to get some fun and easy play - for free!

The MINDdroid app is a remote-control application that allows you to create a wireless connection directly with your NXT, and once a connection is established, you can tilt and turn your phone to make the robot move forward, turn to the sides, and by pressing an action button on the phone's screen, activate the Action motor. If you have a Shooterbot or other robot using two motors for motion and have a spare motor for actions, you are in for a lot of fun!

To read more about it, go here(link)


CheshireCat150 said... [REPLY]

Anyone on our blog have Mindstorms set and an Android phone? We would love to hear about it if you try this app out!

troyergoldman said... [REPLY]


Do the Mindstorms work with an Iphones, Ipod Touches and/or Ipads? /// Do the Mindstorms work with Apple products such as the Iphone, Ipad and Ipod Touch?

CheshireCat150 said... [REPLY]


As far as I know, LEGO hasn't released any apps for Apple products. Mindstorm NXTs use Bluetooth to communicate with other Mindstorm bricks. If you have Bluetooth on your computer, you can send messages to your NXT from it. If not, you can buy a Bluetooth USB drive. Some phones have Bluetooth, however, I read somewhere that Apple made their products with Bluetooth only able to communicate with other Apple products. Therefore, it wouldn't work with the NXT. Whether or not that is true, however, I am not completely sure. If someone has more information, please let me know! Thanks!

Do you have an NXT?

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