HERO FACTORY TV Series: Episode 1 - Trials of Furno

| Sep 6, 2010
NOTE: Please do NOT post or report this anywhere else until I say you may do so! Thanks a lot.

The HERO FACTORY TV series has started airing in Germany September 4th so I recorded it and decided to write a review about it. Because you are so awesome, the MLN Blog is the first website to get it, but images will come later and somewhere else since I don't want the post to be too cluttered. :) So here we go with the review of the very first episode of the HERO FACTORY TV series. You can read it here.


Vanderdecken12 said... [REPLY]

Very nice review, Gatanui. Thank you for sharing it with us.

LEGOVerse said... [REPLY]

Alright, I've been meaning to ask this for a while, so here I go: Do you guys (as the MLN Blog) still follow the policy of "not revealing anything publicly that LEGO has not already done themselves"?

I'm not referring to this article specifically, but recently there has been some stuff that did not come from LEGO. I do not think this is a bad thing, but, in the past, I have refrained from posting news I found because it was not revealed by LEGO.

In general: Should we still submit news even if it has not been officially disclosed by LEGO?

LEGOVerse said... [REPLY]


Great review! I think you covered those six aspects of the episode very well! I found your bit about the German expression intriguing. Could it have been the result of a translation error or misunderstanding? (Maybe the dialogue was originally written in another language and converted to German?)

Vanderdecken12 said... [REPLY]

I'm not sure exactly what post you have in mind, but I assure you we still do our best to avoid posting things LEGO has not released. However, that does not mean we won't take news from other sources.

Gatanui said... [REPLY]

@ Vanderdecken12: Thanks. :)

@LEGOVerse: No, I am sure that is no translations mistake. What I find strange is that they used this specific expression for "Are you kidding me?" because there are other expressions with the same meaning. Probably they did not find the others cool enough and went with the actual one, which is quite common in Germany nowadays, although derived from a vulgar word.

~Gata. ;)

LEGOVerse said... [REPLY]


What I meant by a translation error was that maybe it could have been translated from like English or Danish by someone who did not realize that the term was inappropriate? I find it strange that LEGO, or somebody LEGO was supervising, would put something like that in there on purpose, even if it does sound "cool". Alas, I hope nothing like that ends up in the English version...

joemhewitt said... [REPLY]

I have found a video of it on youtube : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hUbzZbxfdjM&feature=related. Do you know if there is a french version ? I speak English and French.


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