HERO FACTORY international

| Aug 26, 2010
HEROFACTORY.com has been finally updated from the teaser to the final site to all available countries. Now anyone from the UK, Sweden, Russia, Poland, Norway, the Netherlands, South Korea, Italia, Hungary, France, Finland, the US, Germany, Denmark and the Czech Republic can enjoy the HERO FACTORY website in their language, Spain coming soon! Stay tuned for updates and for possible details on when the TV series is going to air in your country!


Anonymous said... [REPLY]

Hey guys you might not remember me but I`m back


Sim533 said... [REPLY]

I remember you!

And finally they made those site up. :)

SuperBen21 said... [REPLY]

Welcome back sponge!

Thats nice that they have it more available now.

Gatanui said... [REPLY]

Oops, I am sorry, I voted in the Opposites Day Contest even though I am not allowed to. ;) I just forgot about the rules. Please ignore my vote.

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