New Technic Challenge competition!

| Jun 5, 2010

This is the LEGO® Technic Challenge competition! - here you have a chance at showing the LEGO Technic designers your designs and your abilities with the Technic elements.

The competition is very simple
1. Build a model out of primarily LEGO Technic elements.
2. Take a picture of the model
3. Press the button below to Enter the competition
4. Enter your contact information
5. Upload your image

What to build?
This month (June) the competition is all about Wheels – Whether it’s an offroad terrain vehicle, a large flatbed truck, a plane, conveyor belt or otherwise – your model must contain lots of wheels!
The wheels do not necessarily need to be for driving on, they do not all need to be of the same shapes and sizes – but they must have a relevance to the model, and there must be lots of them.

How does it work?
Right now you can submit models - On the 14th of June - a panel of judges consisting of designers, marketing managers, building instruction artists and more will pick out (of all submissions) 10 finalists that will then be put up for voting here on the site. Considerations for the Nominees will be based on Model, Design, build to theme and age.

The winner will receive a prize and also continue to the Big Finale in October.

Enter the competition


crackers5 said... [REPLY]

Interesting... I'm not very good at Technic stuff though. :P

Hey, can I redeem 80 of my blog points on my lowest lightworm please?

Wooton said... [REPLY]

Hey guys, here's something I found (perhaps about LUP if people guessed the name correctly) that I thought you would find interesting:

Sim533 said... [REPLY]

Hmm, wootong. IDK, I'll leave it up for discussion and maybe I or someone others create a post about this. =P

Vanderdecken12 said... [REPLY]

Crackers5, your clicks are being given now.

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