| Jun 2, 2010

Actually I don't know what's happening but this is something very strange. Yesterday, the counter ended and immediately started counting up. Today I searched for the link in the source code and found this:
When viewing that link (I copied and pasted the link in the browser), I see the flash file above. This counter ends on August 16, 2010 at 23 hours 59 minutes and 59 seconds. Isn't August 16 near the date that LU will be available in the stores?

Share your opinion(s) now.
-Do you think the mission will stop now and that this project is totally ended?
-Do you think they will remove the control tag from the source code and let you see the flash file above, and the mission will continue until August 16?
-Do you think something completely different will happen?


crackers5 said... [REPLY]

I think they're giving the players more time. I had just over 5000 minifigs, nothing interesting happened.

Jtwdog said... [REPLY]

I noticed a bug or something with MLN. In the friend list on the right side of the Private View Page, when you sort it by rank, it goes in an odd order it goes 1/10/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9. Do you know why it puts 10 right after 1? I guess it is because 10 is a 1 then a 0, so it organizes by the first number. Just wanted to let you know about this odd thing.

P.S. Click my name and click my Dino Excavation Module

SuperBen21 said... [REPLY]

I wonder what will happen, I think they might have the last mission (20) explaining that the Maelstrom hacked the computer or something. You never know these days with LEGO.

LEGOVerse said... [REPLY]

My guess is that there was a glitch with the current timer (as in it is now going into a "negative countdown"), and that the new timer you found will be put up at some point to count down the release.

But that opens up the question: Was the current timer counting down to something? Maybe the timer was supposed to be replaced by something else, but wasn't.

Sim533 said... [REPLY]

Jtwdog, your guess is right, I suppose.

Legoverse, the told us that it would end that day, that's everything.
The glitch isn't a glitch. The countdown was maked to count down to the date, but now that has been passed it does count the days that have passed already.

LEGOVerse said... [REPLY]


Well, maybe "glitch" wasn't the right word to describe what's happening, but judging from its original count-up position (which was formatted differently then the rest of the time the timer was going), I don't think that what it is doing now was initially intended.

Arin3 said... [REPLY]

Hmm indeed.
I think that it will count up to a month before so that it can be replaced with Sim553's counter BECAUSE LU can't fit more than 8 chars in the countdown banner.

I found THIS in the source code...

Mission 19:

div class="missionBoxActive">
param name='AllowScriptAccess' value='MissionStartDate=1274284800000...

Mission 20:

div class="missionBoxActive"> value='MissionStartDate=4070905200000'/>

LEGOVerse said... [REPLY]


Interesting source code bit. Does anybody remember what day Mission 19 opened? Because if we know that, we have a good chance of figuring out when 20 will be released.

SuperBen21 said... [REPLY]

@ LEGOVerse, It came out on 5/19/2010.

Wooton said... [REPLY]

@LEGOverse: LEGO had been releasing the missions about once a week (usually on Tuesdays) until mission 20 came along, it's been over two weeks, right?

Sim533 said... [REPLY]

You can convert the time arin3 gaved, you at

Arin3 said... [REPLY]

Ergh, the date I got for #20 was GMT:
Wed, 31 Dec 2098 23:00:00 GMT
but mission 19 was GMT:
Wed, 19 May 2010 16:00:00 GMT

So I don't think there will be a mission #20


Vanderdecken12 said... [REPLY]

LOL good luck with that...

SuperBen21 said... [REPLY]

Yeah, good luck with that.

I went to the Mission page and found that it looks stunningly the same. :-)

Sim533 said... [REPLY]

Arin3, I think I would reach 5000 by that time...

LEGOVerse said... [REPLY]

Interesting analysis going on here. But there is one thing: If they were not planning on releasing Mission 20, then why, in the source code previously mentioned, does it still have a reference to the the Mission Loader (this)? I'm guessing that, seeing as it is only couple digits off from the rest of the timestamps, that "4070905200000" is just a placeholder until the actual Mission release is set.

Another reason could be that Mission 20 was supposed to be released when the timer ended (countdownvars.endTime = "1275436799000";), but the wrong timestamp was put in for it, and therefore the timer never went away on June 1st, and started counting up. If you notice, there is no timer removal date, just the day that it was supposed to be stopping at.

Sim533 said... [REPLY]

Legoverse, exactly right!

LEGOVerse said... [REPLY]



(It's a thumbs-up!)

Arin3 said... [REPLY]

Har'nt the coding I adhered spot antipresently attest: ne'er that quest #20 abides?

"cough cough" uhem.

Doesnt the source code I pasted here prove that Mission 20 doesn't exist and never will?

It ALSO states this for those who don't look into the coding:

value='MissionStartDate=1274284800000&MissionName=Mission #19


It doesnt even say that it is mission 20. It follows the coding for mission 1, but without the correct value.

Talking about value some time last year Sim533 posted about the (out) Lego Magazine badge.
This had a hidden value as well.
Maybe it was the beta code before max was put into the network after testing.

~A³ (P.S. I still don't have my racers beta badge ☻)

Sim533 said... [REPLY]

Mission 20 does exist and they would edit the number to a new number when they are ready to launch it.

LEGOVerse said... [REPLY]

Overall, I think that the existence, now or in the future, can't be definitively proven or disproven from the available source code. Remember, this is just the code for the page: Everything else is on the servers.

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