| May 31, 2010 updates galore! First of all, has been released with the products, a commercial, downloads and a notification about an upcoming game, The World Race! Drome Racing Challenge fans, check back regularly, as I think I understand now why the LEGO Racers Challenge game (successor of Drome Racing Challenge) has been removed.

For those of you who liked LEGO Castle, you get LEGO Kingdoms on with the same kind of stuff but the game notification on a very similar website. However, there may not be a game notification, but there are FIVE new games! For some reason, there is no Fun Zone yet so you can only find them manually but I think this is because the site is still updating as the favicon is missing and you cannot change the region.

Check out both websites and stay tuned for updates!


Sim533 said... [REPLY]

I actually find that set number 8864, pretty looks the same as the set of Agents. That truck looks totally the same. Anyone that noticed that.

Gatanui, I don't know yet how much points we would give you for this post. But I do know that we haven't rewarded you for some posts you maked lately. So, we would make a total sum of all the things together and post it here later on.

Arin3 said... [REPLY]

You can't find the funzone because the games are on the Kingdoms homepage.

Wooton said... [REPLY]

you can access the games from the home page, you have to play them in order, with the catapult one being the first game. it seemed to have some bugs though since I was unable to read anything or to get the game to work properly

Gatanui said... [REPLY]

Thanks, Sim! :) I must admit, I did not notice myself that the games on the front page so I tried the standard games URL on LEGO websites. ;)

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