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| May 29, 2010
A new article on the club site appeared.
Alot of interesting questions this month.

Max, why is the BIONICLE logo on the packaging for the Hero Factory sets? Are they in the same universe?Bill
Hi, Bill. Nope, BIONICLE and Hero Factory take place in two different universes entirely. But Hero Factory was created by many of the same people here who created BIONICLE, and we thought BIONICLE fans would want to know that.

What does LEGO stand for? Sandra
LEGO comes from two Danish words, “Leg godt,” which means “play well.” Just by coincidence, in Latin the word means “I put together”.

What if your email address changes when you have already signed up for the LEGO Club email newsletter? What do you do?Abby
Just go to LEGO® Email Subscriptions and enter in your old email address. In the Club section, uncheck the box to unsubscribe your old email address and click submit. You can then go into LEGO® Email Subscriptions again and enter your new email address. In the Club section, check the box to subscribe with your new email address and click submit. It’s that easy!

There are more questions answered by Max in the article. Go check it out!
Got a question for me? Email it to and maybe yours will be one of the ones I answer.


Gatanui said... [REPLY]

The questions of the German version are the same except for the names. :P

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