Last Installment of "Journey's End" Online + Minifigures LMB board

| Apr 28, 2010
The final chapter of Greg Farshtey’s latest BIONICLE® book, "Journey’s End," is now available exclusively on!

This week’s B.I.O. Code is JOURNEY11 .

To read this chapter, go to the B.I.O. Codes page, log in with your LEGO ID, and enter a B.I.O. Code into the text box. You’ll get a page where you can click "Download Reward" to read this week’s chapter in PDF format.

The previous parts could be reached by entering JOURNEY10, JOURNEY9, JOURNEY8, JOURNEY7, JOURNEY6, JOURNEY5, JOURNEY4, JOURNEY3, JOURNEY2 and JOURNEY1. There is also a prologue, you could reach this one by using JOURNEY.

There is also a new forum board at the LMB's where you talk about LEGO Minifigures – Clown, Cheerleader, Super Wrestler, Magician and many others.
There is an interesting topic in the board already.
Did you know that LEGO Minifigures come in 'mystery bags'. You don't know what you get until you open them. Do you have more of the same Minifigures? Doesn't matter - go share or trade them with your friends. Have Fun!


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Thanks to kiddy4683 for reporting the second part of this post!!! 20 blog points for that...

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