"Journey's End" Part 10

| Apr 14, 2010
Read Chapter 9 of "Journey's End"

Chapter 9 of Greg Farshtey’s latest BIONICLE® book, "Journey’s End," is now available exclusively on BIONICLE.com! Read a new chapter each week by entering B.I.O. Codes you’ll find every Wednesday on BIONICLE.com.

This week’s B.I.O. Code is JOURNEY9.

To read this chapter, go to the B.I.O. Codes page, log in with your LEGO ID, and enter a B.I.O. Code into the text box. You’ll get a page where you can click "Download Reward" to read this week’s chapter in PDF format.

The previous parts could be reached by entering JOURNEY8, JOURNEY7, JOURNEY6, JOURNEY5, JOURNEY4, JOURNEY3, JOURNEY2 and JOURNEY1. There is also a prologue, you could reach this one by using JOURNEY.


fireballminers said... [REPLY]

Atlantis Chapter 2: Gateway of the Squid is now out on Lego Atlantis as is Atlantis Chapter 3: Attack of the Mantas

Sim533 said... [REPLY]

Firebalminers. Chapter 2 was out on March first (as posted already) and Chapter 3 was out on March 31 (as posted already that day)

Arin3 said... [REPLY]

Guys i don't know if you have already posted this but there are 2 new quizzes in the lego atlantis funzone!

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