Harry Who?

| Apr 26, 2010
There is a new video explaining the LEGO Harry Potter Video Game. Go check it out!

Thank you, Arin3, for finding this. You get 20 clicks.


spider880 said... [REPLY]

Hey MLN Blog! The LEGO Club page has gotten a small update. There's just a new little box at the top with Max in it.

Gatanui said... [REPLY]

Dang! Again I find something and forget to post it here! :P Well, thanks for doing it for me. :)

Sim533 said... [REPLY]

Gatanui. Ah, good try but you don't get any clicks. =P

Gatanui said... [REPLY]

No, really! :P But I did not expect any clicks from it either.

Eragon.Saphira said... [REPLY]

I went on a school trip and we had to make up a soundtrack to go with one of the Lego Harry Potter game trailers. It looks really cool, though Lego Star Wars will always be the best! :-)

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