Bionicle - Journey's End Part 5

| Mar 10, 2010
Chapter 4 of Greg Farshtey’s latest BIONICLE® book, "Journey’s End," is now available exclusively on! Read a new chapter each week by entering B.I.O. Codes you’ll find every Wednesday on

This week’s B.I.O. Code is JOURNEY4 .

To read this chapter, go to the B.I.O. Codes page, log in with your LEGO ID, and enter a B.I.O. Code into the text box. You’ll get a page where you can click "Download Reward" to read this week’s chapter in PDF format.

The previous parts could be reached by entering JOURNEY3, JOURNEY2 and JOURNEY1. There is also a prologue, you could reach this one by using JOURNEY. If you are a bionicle fan, then I should save the PDF files on your computer.


4cody said... [REPLY]

I just got the beta email!!!!!
I have the code to go to Lego Universe now!

Sim533 said... [REPLY]

Yep, I have it too! Good luck with playing it.

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