Star Wars Game is LIVE

| Sep 25, 2009
The star wars game is finally on. Click Here to play it.

Vanderdecken12's Review: So far, it looks pretty good. Many of the levels are ready to play. You can get upgrades to your player by playing the game. I completed the first, second, and third levels, which were somewhat easy, but it's freezing up while I try to save my progress. I had to keep trying until it froze up completely. I logged back in, and it had saved my progress.
Edit by Sim533: Well, i play the first 15 levels with Anakin, and i could download something special...

Please comment your reactions about the game, what you think, what you like, how well you do, and other things.

Thank you to all the users who helped make sure MLN Blog remains first in MLN news. EACH of you who commented saying it was released will get 10 clicks! Just comment where you each want yours.

Also, we had a contest on "How long should it take?" The closest by the release date, wins 10 clicks! :) Well, the answer is TODAY. September 25. Mmichi26, you said that it will come out on September 26 and you are the one that wins!!! Comment here where you want your clicks and we try to deliver them really soon !!!

Update (by sim533): There are also a few cheatcodes in the game, we found already 3 codes but if you have another code then share it with us. Blue side cheatcodes are DUALSABER and REDSABER. Red side cheatcode is GREENSABER. To enter these codes, push the P and look to the box with 'cheatcodes'.


Sim533 said... [REPLY]

Well, i just played the game 5 minutes and found already the first glitch !!! :)

Sim533 said... [REPLY]

Post here also your cheats, where you could find platinum bricks...

Anonymous said... [REPLY]

i'll check it out later when i have time.

Anonymous said... [REPLY]

i've found a glitch too! during the opening scrolling text, if you skip it, the quiz and loading bar come up briefly. it may be just my computer, but...

Anonymous said... [REPLY]
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
micah82 said... [REPLY]

To Vanderdecken12: I will like mine on my stunt track rank 1 module.

Vanderdecken12 said... [REPLY]

Sorry, no item-requiring modules.

Spider880 said... [REPLY]

I can't beat a single level. It keeps crashing on me.

4cody said... [REPLY]

I would like the clicks on any apprentice module

Anonymous said... [REPLY]

vanderdecken, i have the same problem too. the game keeps on saying that i lost connection and that i wasn't logged in, but it still saved.
on a side note, i'm quite sad to see the main complaints i had weren't answered (the music and the stiff movements).

Sim533 said... [REPLY]

To spider880. Close all your windows exept Internet Explorer (this is the best browser to play the game) and then open the game...

Anonymous said... [REPLY]

I can't even advance. It says I'm in Game Session but I can't do anything....

Sim533 said... [REPLY]

Be sure that you have the game plugin...

Lego--castle said... [REPLY]

I found a cheat code for the separatists side-GREENSABER.

Anonymous said... [REPLY]

Sometimes we need force to move things and build them. I used force on these things, and I stuck inside.

Sim533 said... [REPLY]

Thanks for the cheatcodes. Lego--castle.

To anonymous. Try to be on the -- line

B-man8397 said... [REPLY]

I don't know about you guys, but everytime I beat level 8, it says I unlocked level 9 and 10 when I somehow didn't. Also, has anyone seen a clone trooper fall off a cliff on purpose? :D

Sim533 said... [REPLY]

You probably finished lvl 1-8. And that the reason you probably unlock number 9,10.

And yes, i did see already on felling into the dark... :D

Anonymous said... [REPLY]

So many things i have noticed:

1. You can climb up a wall in one level because of a glitch.

2. After level 2 it wont save (Dont know whether that is just my computer playing up)

3. You can unlock Obi Wan Kanobi on the good team

4. If you attack an enemy near a wall they sometimes dissapear into the wall.

5. If you attack an enemy near a cliff they will fall off when they die.

6. When you go down to the planets surface beware corners as it has a tendancy to allow you to fall even if you are not near the edge.

7. After a while the levels repeat themselves with either more Bad Guys or different requirements to complete such as kill all enemies.

8.By using a secret path in one of the levels you will find a vehicle which is taking off.

9.Be sure to attack Walls. Sometimes they are fake or removable obsticals i found two Platinum bricks and a healing station behind them so far.

10. Despite rule 6 some other pathways to treasure, secrets or Platinum bricks will appear when you are close to the edge.

11. After level 6 you may find some large Black versions of the drones.

P.s. Has anyone else had the problem with saving. Seriously it is getting annoying.

Sorry for the long comment.

Sim533 said... [REPLY]

1/ Which lvl?
2/ I could saved it once when i was on lvl 14.
3/ Probably after lvl 9
4/ Didn't has this before...
5/ Funny to see :)
6/ This is just like the reality...
7/ Yes :(
8/ It is also in lvl 15 but not on a secret way
9/ Mostly they are with lights
10/ Mostly you must jump. But when there is been a plate without edge, it mostly a hidden place

PS: Yes, everyone does have it...

It doesn't make sense how long you comment is, we are happy you share your tips with us and i'm happy i could add something to your good tips. Thanks anyway. :)

Spider880 said... [REPLY]

That's what I've been using. Internet Explorer.

Sim533 said... [REPLY]

Restart your computer, open IE, Log in with your account, go to the game and try again. Be sure to wait long time and do nothing others then this. If this not help, then it's probably something others...

Anonymous said... [REPLY]

with saving...
i don't know, because i've only finished two levels, but they keep on saying that i'm not logged in and that progress isn't saved...
a few things annoy me a lot: the repetitive (and rather bad-sounding) music, the still controls and animations, and that saving thing.
the music isn't very appealing to me, it was the same in both the levels i played (generic tone and other music when enemies attack). i'd like it if they actually used some "official" music that was in the movies (excluding clone wars remixes).

Anonymous said... [REPLY]

yay, just gained a rank!
by the way, were there any platinum bricks in the first two levels? i didn't find any.

Anonymous said... [REPLY]

1/ Which lvl?

The first planet level. You can climb up most of the wall then you get stuck and it freezes.

Also you can unlock Dooku the count on the evil side.

Sim533 said... [REPLY]

Oh, Ok.

You could unlock him when you did the first seven level on the evil side...

Anonymous said... [REPLY]

I found 2 more cheats, one is darkforce, which no one really knows what it does, and trplejump, which enables you to jump three times in the air.

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