No brother

| Aug 15, 2009
It looks like Ron was a rumor because in the 'ask max' forum on the lego club site Max says the following :

Is it true you have a little brother named Ron?

Nope, I’m one of a kind! I heard there were lots of rumors about some Ron kid, but I never heard of him. So if somebody tells you a story about Max’s brother, he’s just playing a joke on you.


Anonymous said... [REPLY]

dobbins2299.this is to bad! :(

B-man8397 said... [REPLY]

Don't let your hopes down. Maybe there will be a Ron networker! He just won't be Max's brother.

Anonymous said... [REPLY]

good point.
or maybe lego wants to keep it a secret... until ron actually comes out (assuming he will be a networker).

Cherixon said... [REPLY]

LegoUniverse.Com is updated AGAIN!

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