New Bionicle Movie in Club Email

| Aug 26, 2009

The LEGO Club email came, but it consisted only of an advertisement for the new movie, which will release on September 15th. It also advertised the club email which will come in September as well.


nittanylyn said... [REPLY]

To Sim533: I know this is off topic but i saw a thing in the lego news that said the star wars thing was only a 5 minute video

Sim533 said... [REPLY]

lego news? Star Wars Thing? What are you talking about?

B-man8397 said... [REPLY]

@Sim. How about I make things simple for you to understand? Check the news.

nittanylyn said... [REPLY]

The lego star wars movie on cartoon network

Light Blazer said... [REPLY]

Whats the hunt for Click?

Sim533 said... [REPLY]

OK. I checked the news. Thanks guys. It easier for us if you use links if you want to report news.

nittanylyn said... [REPLY]

To Sim533: How do you get avatars?

nittanylyn said... [REPLY]

To Sim533: How do i get avatars?

Sim533 said... [REPLY]

Go to the dashbord.
Edit your profile and look under photograph. Good Luck

nittanylyn said... [REPLY]

how do i get to my dash board?

Sim533 said... [REPLY]

Go to this...

Anonymous said... [REPLY]

vander are you on if so i would like to make a deal with you

Anonymous said... [REPLY]

or i guess it could be called trade...

Vanderdecken12 said... [REPLY]

What is it?

ghosthunter23 said... [REPLY]

This might be off topic but the glatorian arena game is also on if you look here: is also a a.r.g(augmented reality game)witch needs a printer and a webcam.

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